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Rabbi Aron S. Jacobowitz
P: (718) 387-8523
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  • Pre-Marriage

    From early infancy through puberty and adolescence, many children face medical emotional issues or struggle with transient long term illnesses that may affect their future fertility and or ability to develop and maintain healthy marital relations. As a procreative consultant with 25 years of experience, I provide counseling, rabbinical guidance, and referrals to help the parents and their child through this difficult ordeal.From initial discovery of the problem, through diagnosis and treatment, I will help the parents ensure that they are doing their utmost within the realm of medical possibilities to resolve their child’s issue and thereby pave the way for an eventual healthy and productive marriage.


    For couples facing infertility, secondary infertility, pregnancy loss, obstetrical or maternal fetal issues… from the obscure to the fairly routine challenges pertaining to male and female reproductive organs, I provide the full spectrum of guidance with compassion and professionalism. I am at the couple’s side from the very first question of whether a doctor is at all needed to remedy the situation, to assisting in the navigation through the overwhelming maze of different doctors and treatment protocols, to providing hashkafic and knowledgeable guidance when the couple is at crossroads in choosing between different treatment options. After conception, I remain at the couple’s side through the entire pregnancy, providing support and pregnancy management guidance for all maternal fetal and obstetrical issues.

    My goal is to empower each couple with all the knowledge they require in order to become well educated consumers while traveling the road from childlessness to parenthood.

    Middle age and Above

    For middle aged women, dealing with gynecological issues at the onset of menopause and beyond can be painful, confusing, and costly. With my contacts in the medical field, as well as comprehensive knowledge of the nuances of these issues, I have been successful in counseling and guiding women and their husbands during the trying menopause and post-menopause stages.

    Newlyweds and Young Couples

    For men who are showing symptoms of dysfunction during marital relations, resulting in an inability to consummate marriage, Rabbi Aron Jacobowitz provides counseling and guidance on both hashkafic and practical levels within the parameters of derech hatorah,
    For women experiencing severe pelvic and other private pain that hinders them from marital relations, I have retained the services of a physical therapist whose field of specialty is Pelvic Floor Therapy. Backed by 14 years of experience, this therapist was retained after years of extensive research to filter out the most experienced and suitable candidate for my clients. In conjunction with the physical therapy provided to the wife, I offer private counseling for the husband, so that the couple can ultimately resume their married life in a healthy and productive manner.

    Kallah Teachers and Mothers

    In addition to private counseling and guidance I am available to conduct awareness and in-depth guidance sessions for kallah teachers and mentors for married couples.