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Rabbi Aron S. Jacobowitz
P: (718) 387-8523
F: (718) 387-8786

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  • Fertility

    For couples facing infertility, secondary infertility, pregnancy loss, obstetrical or maternal fetal issues… from the obscure to the fairly routine challenges pertaining to male and female reproductive organs, I provide the full spectrum of guidance with compassion and professionalism. I am at the couple’s side from the very first question of whether a doctor is at all needed to remedy the situation, to assisting in the navigation through the overwhelming maze of different doctors and treatment protocols, to providing hashkafic and knowledgeable guidance when the couple is at crossroads in choosing between different treatment options. After conception, I remain at the couple’s side through the entire pregnancy, providing support and pregnancy management guidance for all maternal fetal and obstetrical issues.

    My goal is to empower each couple with all the knowledge they require in order to become well educated consumers while traveling the road from childlessness to parenthood.


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